I think I have a pretty good list.  I am practicing on some of them, but others that do not have phonetics with it are hard.  I have no clue if I am saying it right or not.  Anyways, I am adding a new language- Hindi.  My doctor, dentist and next door neighbor speak Hindi.  So I have plenty of opportunity to practice.  Anyways, I asked my doctor first about it.  She was so excited I ask and any time I say it she  smiles so big!  (and she has a beautiful smile!)

Hindi- shukriyah- Thank You- Shook-re-ya


I am so happy to be able to knock off another quest off my list!!  Over Valentines weekend I had the opportunity to spend the day outside in the snow.  My hubby took pictures as I attempted to create my first snow angel.

snow angel

Trin Making A Snow Angel

83)   Make a Snow Angel

It was cold, but in the end it is the simple things that look the prettiest!  I look like a complete goof!  My toes and fingers were so freezing that I stole those gloves from my father in law! lol!


Here is what the finished product looked like:

I kind of like the shadow going across it.  It makes it a little more interesting  of a picture.  I think I may play with it and see how it looks as a black and white still.  Anyways, hope you like the pics!

snow angel

I can already see that the proof thing is really cramping my style.  Although it is great for you to see that I actually did infact do what I said, I keep forgetting to do it!  There is two things that I could cross off, but because I do not have proof I cannot.  When I spent a week with my parents, I could have crossed off two things: Spending 1 week at my Parents House and Draw a Picture with My Mom.

Yesterday, I tried a food dish I never had before.  Duck tenders.  It was just like chicken tenders, but it was duck.  It’s taste was slightly off, but it came with a sweet sauce that reminded me of jam!  I quickly got over both, but it was nice to try something new.  It was an appetizer so I did not eat much of it.  So in total I should have 5 done, but alas I have to play by the rules.  Oh well, this is why I have a blog to talk about my experiences.

It is a little frustrating.  I guess I expected to have more of my list completed already.  I know it is only the second month into this, but still.  I am a little impatient.  Anyways, I spent a good deal yesterday doing lots of research.  I have found out where the Mall of America is so I asked hubby if we could go there on my birthday if I don’t have to work that weekend.  He said no problem.  I also found the Meremac Caverns which is supposedly where Jesse James Gang hid out so that could be cool to go check out.  So we are going to try to do that one weekend too.  Of coarse my job will affect that.  I also found out that there is a Six Flags somewhere here.  It opens in April so I got that written down.  The only ones I am worried about the most is the Live Derby and Live Tractor pull.  I don’t want to miss them and never get a chance to go this year.  That would suck.

Another thing I am worried about is the quest, “Design an Outfit.”  Sounds simple, but I have to figure out what that really entails.  I have an idea of what I want, but does that mean I need to draw it or can someone else draw it.  Does that mean I need to have a finished piece that is wearable or not.  I just do not know.  It is my decision in the end, but I am not sure what I want to push for.  I tried to make up some sketches and it looked like an eight year old went crazy on it!  I am no drawer that is for sure! lol!  Anyways, I still think I am going to make it.  Of coarse I worry I won’t get my mile down especially when so far, I am at around 17 minutes.  Its scary, but I am not gonna give up.  This is my year!

I have multiple quests that include some sort of working out to achieve.  These are the hardest because they are not something that can be attained in just one day.  Near the end of January, I decided to go out and get a baseline for three quests.  These quest included: Run a Mile in Under 10 Minutes, Do 50 Pushups in a Minute, and Do 100 Crunches in 1 Minute.  My baseline for the crunches and pushups were not difficult.  I did 32 crunches the first time.  For pushups, I did 1 proper male style and 20 girl style.  I am not sure which should be counted for the quest though.  Regardless, I got numbers.  The run was not so easy.

I knew that after not running in years that it would hard.  I figured I would at least walk it and finish it.  I mean I have walked many miles without a problem when walking beautiful downtown Chicago.  My husband and I got dressed in our work out gear and headed out in the cold.  I was fine for about .2 miles.  Then I had to stop.  I could not breath.  After a few minutes of trying to settle myself down, I walked a little further and then went back to running for another .3 miles.  Then I had to stop.  In the end, I could not finish the mile.  This was more disappointing than getting a huge number.  I mean I expected it to be bad, but I thought I would at least finish it!  I was destroyed… at least my confidence was.  I mean I know I am not fat by any means, but I did not realize how out of shape I was!

This was not the end of it.  Monday I went out to try my run again.  This time, I did it inside on a treadmill.  Shockingly enough, I did 1.8 miles with out the breathing problems.  Granted it took 30 minutes, but still- its a number.  I am convinced that it is the Midwest Winter that was killing me the first time and not my fitness level.  I hate this state! lol!  So my confidence is back.  I am using 30 Minutes as my baseline.  To get my running under ten minutes I need to better my time by 2 minutes every month.  I will still test outside every month during the last weekend of the month, but my training will be done inside until spring gets here and the air does not turn my lungs to ice cubes.


I made this widget at MyFlashFetish.com.

Fug You

Last night hubby and I went to bed early.  We were curled up playing with his iPhone, my head on his chest.  I was playing Scramble 2 which is sort of like Boggle, but not.  You have to try to make as many words as you can using the letters you have.  I never get as many as I could, but sometimes I feel like the words they have on there does not exist.  Apparently, they do.

Fug.  It looks like something you would use in a bad knock knock joke.

Knock Knock

Who’s there?


Fug who?

Fug you that’s who!

Okay so I am not fabulous at making bad jokes either.  That one probably borders lame very closely.  According to dictionary.com, Fug is a noun of all things.  It goes on to describe it as, “stale air, esp. the humid, warm, ill-smelling air of a crowded room, kitchen, etc.” It also might have origins in Britain circa 1885-90s.  It possibly comes from the slang word fogo. Sounds good to me.  So I guess a good way to use it would be:

“The fug in the crypt was creeping me out.  It did not help it was Halloween and it seems like nothing in the world is stirring except my foul thoughts.”

What do you think?  I like it!  Well, there you have it.  I have learned a new awesome word.  I am going to put this with “uber”, “goober”, “doober’ and “fuck!”  At least I can cross another item off my list FINALLY!  I wonder if I can make a new meaning for it?  You know how you can make something “wicked” or cool.  I wonder if I can make fug a new curse word! lol!  Probably not…

24) Learn a New Word.

“fug.” Dictionary.com Unabridged. Random House, Inc. 27 Jan. 2010. <Dictionary.comhttp://dictionary.reference.com/browse/fug>.